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I’m quite curious to see how big the Superwholock fandom really is




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I’m sure this won’t actually be cute and adorable in context, but I think this description is beautiful. Dean is so evil that he cackles and sings karaoke louder!

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I live for this turtleneck okay?

Sterek AU: In an effort to buy his dad some warmer clothes for the Winter for his one-week trip to Canada where he’ll be attending an international conference on policing with supernatural creatures, Stiles finds the perfect turtlenecks on an online website. The only thing even more perfect than the turtlenecks? Finding out that while in New York, Derek Hale did a stint as a model for random online clothing companies. 

Stiles laughs hysterically, clicking once more and watching the turtleneck change color. “Wait no, the purple,” he says, clicking again and nearly falling off his chair. “No, the pink is the best,” he cackles. Oh my God, that sweater is tight, Stiles can practically see his nipples. He fiddles with the scrollbar, finding he can drag the thing and watch Derek Hale, grumpiest werewolf to ever grump, wear a fuzzy cable-knit sweater that magically changes colors.


Stiles is having the best day.

"Stiles, you’ve got a guest!" Dad calls from downstairs.

Oh man, Scott is gonna have a field day. Stiles blows the picture up to full screen, trying out the color display and jiggles the scrollbar again for maximum rainbow hue, laughing again.

"Okay, this is my only family copy of — what is that?"

Stiles whirls around, and Derek is standing right behind him with the tome on fae that Stiles asked to borrow. 

"N—nothing," Stiles lies quickly, minimizing the tab and then turning back towards Derek. "Thanks for bringing it over, I wasn’t really expecting you to use the door like an actual human."

He reaches out for the book, but Derek is just standing there, staring. With his mouth open. And his ears turning pink. 

"Right, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about modeling, it’s a very legitimate thing—and you looked nice. I’m sure you helped all those turtlenecks find a good home. And I’m sorry for laughing at you, I mean, I wasn’t really laughing at you, just the situation? Um, Derek?” 

"I’m not embarrassed about modeling," Derek says. 

Stiles turns around and then groans. Minimizing the turtleneck tab caused the tab behind it to be now in full view— the porn Stiles was loading to save for later, and two guys are now going at it in a very creative position. 

"Shit," Stiles says, going to exit the tab but instead his mouse jars a mute button on the page somewhere and suddenly the room is filled with moans and the lewd sound of skin slapping against skin. "Oh man, I’m so sorry," he says, embarrassment coloring his cheeks. He hesitates on closing the thing because this is one of his favorite videos, and it always takes forever to load, plus it’s got that actor that kind of looks like Derek— 

Stiles should probably just close the thing. 

"I didn’t know you liked— um, never mind," Derek says. "Here’s the book, I’ll see you later." Derek sets the book down on Stiles’ desk, and turns to leave, but Stiles can see the entire back of his neck is red. 

Wait a minute— 

"Yes, I definitely like the D," Stiles says, "Did you not know that I was bi?" 

"No, now I do, thanks," Derek says.

Stiles forces himself to laugh, and just takes a chance. “At least you didn’t catch me masturbating to your weird turtleneck photoshoot, that would have been awkward.”

Derek’s eyes widen a little. “Yes, that would have been. You know that I’ve done a shirtless spread before, right?” 

Stiles grins. “Mm. Sounds nice. I mean, you can always show me where to find the pictures. Unless, of course, you’re offering to show me the real thing.” 

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↳ ‘The Beginning of the End ’ 8/65

#If you say this does not look like they’re talking about their relationship #and why they shouldn’t be together #but they’re going to do it anyway  #then you’re lying


simon that shirt makes you look ridiculous


Arthur’s got a date? *tags along*  (◕‿◕✿)     


1/3 Team Human AU || Lydia - “Ruby”

Stiles, code name ‘Spark’, Lydia, code name ‘Ruby’ and Allison, code name ‘Huntress’ are part of  the FBI “R-ED” division (‘Rogue’ Extermination and Disposal), a special division focused on the elimination of supernatural creatures who are killing innocent civilians.

Sent to dispose of the supernatural creatures wreaking havoc in Beacon Hills, California, Team H-18 is determined to get the job done clean and fast. None of them expect to be assisted by the local Hale werewolf pack, nor do they expect to find a pack of Alphas slowly tearing the town apart. 

They’re in for a tough ride.






I keep thinking about how scared Sam looks here. Not just because his brother is a demon. Think about it. Dean, human dean that is, was an amazing hunter. Sam knows that. Sam has seen what dean can do. Now imagine knowing that Demon Dean, with all of the skills as human Dean, with none of the morals, is trying to find you. Scary as shit.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit

fuck, I just got chills 

*shivers* i felt it too bruh 



Day 81

Dean + Looking illegally hot in suits

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palette meme ・Sam Winchester + 6



Supernatural, in which the only way to properly deal with your brother’s death is to drag his corpse home, lay it on the bed and try to sell your soul.




Dean. So, so proud in that last gif.

Sam may be skilled at puppy eyes but Dean is a master of the innocent face

Lydia is a struggling but successful single mother thanks to Jackson Whittemore scumbag billionaire, refusing to pay his family the money they deserve. She meets Peter Hale one night, a man whose just broken into the food business and looking for nothing but a quick fling. Instead after many humours encounters, sassy comebacks and accidental dates, they fall in love, and Peter becomes the man and father Jackson never was.